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Search Engine Optimization

Statistics show that most users assume that highly ranked websites in a search engine's organic results are the best companies for that industry. This means any company of any size can appear to be the best in their industry by optimizing their site to rank higher than the competition. This is why it is important to be as close to the top of the organic search results as possible. When weaker companies are ranked higher than you, neither you nor your potential customers will benefit.

Seeker New Media builds in to every website Search Engine Optimization. We utilize proven search engine optimization strategies focused on delivering results. Our approach to natural search engine optimization includes the following areas:

Keyword & Competition Research

When you perform a search on Google, you type in a series of keywords. Only websites that closely match those keywords and are viewed favorably in Google's eyes are listed. Selecting the right keywords for your website is a key component in correctly optimizing your website, but is only a small part.

We can conduct a in-depth consultation to determine who your customers really are and what products and services they are most interested in purchasing - and how that affects their keyword choices. After these keywords have been defined, we utilize a number of SEO tools to maximize traffic to your website.

Another component of this keyword research process is to analyze your competition's SEO efforts. What keywords and key phrases are they using? How is their site optimized? Who is linking to them? How high are their rankings? Once we analyze your competition we can better develop a targeted online marketing strategy that will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

SEO Copywriting Services & Site Optimization

Next, our search engine marketing specialists create keyword targeted landing pages and tailor the existing pages of your website to ensure that your site is more "search engine friendly."

To produce a search engine friendly website, our SEO team creates and edits website content that appeals to search engines and the people searching on them. Our copywriting services in conjunction with landing page creation ensures that the content on your website includes targeted keywords and "calls-to-action" to convert your website's visitors into customers.

As part of the search optimization process, we also create specialized title tags and meta descriptions for your website. Our SEO specialists are highly trained in the art of creating web pages that rank high in the search engines. This will lead to the maximum amount of traffic to your website, which, in turn, leads to increased profits.

Social Marketing

How Internet users find news, interact and shop has changed over the last few years. Social media, social networking and social shopping websites are becoming the largest online sites that Internet users rely on. This presents an opportunity to participate in online communities, providing valuable resources to your potential customers, building your brand and enhancing your search engine optimization. The right social marketing strategy will drive new targeted traffic and build links to your website.

Seeker New Media's search engine optimization team has developed reputable accounts with several social sites and are trained in the most effective social marketing strategies. The team will utilize article marketing and online community participation to promote your website, services and products.

Link Building & Link Structure

It is estimated that more than 65% of all search traffic originates from Google, and that figure continues to rise. No one can be certain of Google's exact ranking formula, but it is widely accepted that three factors have significant influence on your website's Google PageRank:

  • Link Popularity - the total number of incoming links to your website 
  • Page Reputation - the actual text of the incoming links to your website
  • Internal Link Structure - the quantity and text of the links between pages within your own website

Mastering these elements of search engine optimization is critical to a high ranking in Google. To help increase your link popularity and page reputation, Seeker New Media will configure your website with the proper linking structure. This involves analyzing your current website, restructuring internal links to the sub-pages, and creating a Site Map. Next, we will develop a linking campaign to obtain quality links that will point to your website.

While this process seems very straight forward, implementing it is rather complex and time consuming. The wrong links or the wrong linking strategy can result in major penalties by search engines, including having your website banned from their results pages. These factors cannot be overlooked to have a successful ranking among the major search engines, especially Google.

SEO Foundation Building

There are specific guidelines that all websites should follow to make them search engine friendly. There are often times elements of your website set up incorrectly that a human visitor cannot see, but causes your website to be out of compliance with a search engine robot. These factors can be very damaging to your search engine rankings when not addressed properly.

Seeker New Media employs a multi-step process to resolve any issues with your website's architecture, to notify the search engine's about all of the pages on your website and to set up your website so that it is fully compliant with each major search engine's guidelines. These steps include:

  • Spider your website and create sitemap.xml file
  • Create robots.txt file
  • Create your 404 error page
  • Create a 301 redirect for your home page

Submit your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing webmaster tools

Ongoing Tracking & Analysis

All this research and search engine optimization is much less effective if there is no follow-up. Search engines are constantly adjusting their ranking criteria, and we make sure that we are on top of any changes to your ranking.

Each month, we track your progress and provide you with a detailed status update on your successes and any areas of new opportunity. Our best success stories come from websites where we have a strong collaborative process with our clients and adjust our strategies as the various search engines and social networking sites make their own adjustments. 

As a final note, we only utilize proven and legitimate white hat search engine optimization techniques to accomplish our results.

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