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Pay-per-Click Campains

If your website sells products or services, implementing a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign is a necessity. Seeker New Media has the experience necessary to implement and manage your PPC search engine marketing campaigns. We understand how to best utilize these services and make search marketing work for you.

Setting up Pay Per Click campaigns with search engines like Google and Yahoo! can drive highly targeted visitors to your website. These types of paid listings allow your company to competitively bid on specific keywords and terms.

The quality of your keyword selection, ad text and landing page are big factors in determining your advertising placement on search engines and how much you pay per click. Testing and enhancing each aspect of your PPC marketing campaigns will reduce your marketing costs and show increased results. Seeker New Media can help you pay less while still reaching sales goals with keyword research, paid search marketing knowledge and bid management.

Work With Pay Per Click Experts.

An effective PPC campaign can be time consuming and difficult to analyze and manage with little or no experience. Managing this process yourself could lead to spending that is wildly out of control.

The key to successful Pay Per Click marketing involves efficient management and maintenance of your accounts. Attempting to manage a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign without seeking professional help can lead to very questionable results. Here are just a few points to consider:

  • Receiving visitors from a particular keyword does not necessarily translate into customers
  • You want to attract buyers to your site, not browsers
  • Setting the precise bid amount to maximize your budget is critical in your online advertising success
  • Competing bids change constantly, effecting your rankings and costs daily
  • The cost per click is highly dependent on the quality of your campaign in addition to the bid amount
  • Pay per click accounts must be maintained regularly to keep up with the competition and changes in your industry
  • Proper conversion tracking, testing and consistent, accurate bid adjustments deliver the most effective results

Our Internet marketing team will conduct the necessary research and set up an organized account for you to begin advertising online.

Seeker New Media Knows How to Make Pay Per Click Campaigns Work For You.

We offer our professional PPC knowledge and real-world experience to help you get the best results for your advertising dollars. Our Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services include:

  • In-depth analysis of your current pay per click account or industry research if you are just getting started
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Bid recommendations and adjustment
  • Account structure and organization
  • Ad copy optimization and testing
  • Landing page creation and testing
  • Submissions to the top PPC search engines
  • Regular monitoring and management within a specified budget
  • Performance and conversion tracking

Keep in mind that Internet marketing campaigns that use a combination of Pay Per Click Advertising and search engine optimization deliver the most effective and affordable long-term results.

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