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Link Popularity Campaigns

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According to current estimates, more than 65% of search engine traffic originates from Google searches. And that number continues to increase. One of the most important factors that Google considers in your organic search engine ranking is the number of external links that point to your website, especially from reputable sources. Think of it as your popularity score online.

There are three major factors that will have a strong influence on your Google ranking:

  • Link Popularity -- the total number of incoming links to your website
  • Page Reputation -- the quality of the actual text of the incoming links and the quality of the website that is providing the link
  • Internal Link Structure - the quantity and text of the links between pages within your own website

Mastering these three components is critical to achieving a high ranking in Google, as well as Yahoo! and Bing. While the process may seem straight forward, the implementation can be tricky. Seeker New Media has a great deal of experience in helping clients attain and maintain high search engine rankings through successful link building campaigns. We accomplish these consistent high rankings through the following practices:

  • Optimize your website and build landing pages to ensure you are correctly targeting the best keywords for your business.
  • Configure your website with proper linking structure by analyzing your current site, restructuring your links to the sub-pages, and creating a Site Map.
  • Develop a continuous link building campaign to increase link popularity, which drives traffic and search engine rankings for your website.

Sounds Complicated, How Does It Actually Work?

You may ask, but how does all of this link building actually happen? Our team has a number of methods for targeting the best inbound linking partners including:

  • Analyzing your current website
  • Analyzing your competition's incoming links
  • Researching directories for similar industries
  • Participating in social media websites
  • Developing a blog and posting ongoing content
  • Providing online content services with articles, newsletters and press releases

Link building is a fairly complex and time-intensive process and can actually have negative results on your rankings if not properly executed. You must trust a company with a history and a reputation of success to handle this aspect of your search engine optimization campaign. When executed properly, these proven methods can produce dramatic results.
We track the results of our ongoing link popularity campaigns by using a variety of tools that show the number of links coming into your website as reported by Google, Yahoo! and Bing. If properly executed, your incoming links should continue to increase each month. We also monitor your website's Google PageRank to ensure that number moves up too.

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